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Horseed Association is an innovative, professional, active, reliable and efficient nonprofit and non-governmental organization, founded by young residents living in Oslo Norway, keen to exploit their competences and to play an active role in the non-profit sector. We believe young people have enormous untapped potential and can play an effective role in instigating positive change in their communities: We are working hard to help them to fully express their enormous potential for the benefit of the community and themselves.

Horseed Association promotes the intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, exchange of knowledge and European awareness through active participation of young people, organizations and companies in projects involving mobility, entrepreneurial education, professional and personal growth.

In a nutshell, Horseed Association mission is focused on:

– the promotion of the integration of new migrants and refugee into Norwegian society

– the promotion of youth participation and active citizenship

– the promotion of gender equality

– the promotion of young people volunteering at a local, European and international level

– the promotion of youth work as a flywheel in social innovation field.